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Game Data
English title: Tempo
Japanese title: テンポ
Composer(s): Masayoshi Ishi (伊師正好)
Hiroyuki Hamada (濱田弘之)
System: Sega 32x (スーパー32X)
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Set Data
Date added: 2014-04-18 Last update: 2014-08-26
Set version: 1.01 Set author: Jackalope
Tracks: 47 Size: 14.69 MB
Rating: 7.08 (12 votes) Downloads: 2444
External Links: GameBaseGameFAQsSegaRetroGiantBombWikipediaGuardianaMobyGamesTheGamesDB (Genesis)
Set contents
File name Size
folder Tempo
386.69 KB
132.45 KB
3.56 KB
m3u Tempo.m3u
1.3 KB
unknown Tempo.png
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txt Tempo.txt
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